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Nobel Oil Announces Major Rebrand


  • Rebranding including new brand identity, logo and tagline
  • Launch of a new strategy that defines company’s transformation

Today, Nobel Oil Services, the Group of diversified companies, has announced the completion of an extensive rebranding – change of the company name to Nobel Energy and renewal of the corporate logo – that reflects company’s new corporate vision and strategy

The new strategy will see Nobel Energy transform from an Oil and Gas Services Company to an Integrated Energy Production, Development and Services company. The company will focus on delivering agile, efficient and more importantly, sustainable solutions for customers.

This change follows big energy companies’ transformation efforts – to become a net zero company and ensure sustainable development – to address the dual challenge. 

Vugar Samadli, CEO Nobel Energy: “We want to help businesses turn their ambition into action, as well as be part of solutions, and therefore we are changing too. With greater focus on people, safety and sustainability of resources we want to be a catalyst for meeting the changing needs of our world. This is a challenging journey but we have the right ingredients – visionary approach, the right expertise, integrated solutions – to help our customers and the world achieve safe, efficient and sustainable results.”

“This rebrand and our enhanced approach to sustainability perfectly illustrate Nobel Energy’s ambition to play an active role in addressing the big energy challenge, as part of the strategic objectives set by our Shareholder,” added Mr. Samadli. 

As part of the transformation, Nobel Energy will be adapting the strategy and structure to seize opportunities offered by advanced technology.   

Nobel Energy will seek to partner with technology companies to jointly promote innovation, drive progress, and provide the needed skills to deliver agile and sustainable results for all its stakeholders. 

Dashgin Isgandarov, vice president SOCAR for oil, gas production and transportation said: “On behalf of our management and personally, I congratulate Nobel Energy, SOCAR’s main service provider and partner, with the extensive rebranding – launching new name and corporate logo – of the company. 

Nobel Energy has swiftly realized the changes in today’s energy world and kicked off the transformation process. I believe the company will make their valuable contribution by playing an active role in new energy initiatives as well as renewable energy projects.    

We have a long and successful history of cooperation with Nobel Energy so I am well aware of their capacity and capability. This makes me to firmly believe that the company will accomplish this responsible mission.   

I wish successes to our partner company on their important mission of developing new technology and innovative ideas in the country, Caspian region and the world. I am confident that Nobel Energy will successfully manage this”.

Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli, bp’s Vice President for the Caspian region, Communications and Advocacy, said: “It is not just the fact that an Azerbaijani company with diverse portfolio and international experience announces its rebranding and new vision that makes today’s event so significant. It’s much deeper, it’s quite a milestone for the country’s energy sector as  for the first time a local company announces its ambition to transform in order to be part of the global changes, presents a roadmap to deliver that ambition and takes the responsibility for all this”.

Mr. Aslanbayli added: “As a representative of the company that started its transformation journey a couple of years ago and announced its new strategy, I can share the challenge of embarking on such a journey. We are pleased to see that our long-time service provider Nobel Energy have also decided to take the same challenge. Coordinating efforts to that end and creating  synergies, clearly, will make a solid foundation for projects in support of the country’s energy transition and this is so much important not only for Nobel Energy but also for the entire energy sector of the country. On behalf of bp, I would like to congratulate all the staff of Nobel Energy and wish them success in this important and challenging endeavour”.           

The rebrand sees a complete renewal of the company’s visual identity, including the logo and tagline. 

Nobel Energy’s new logo embodies transition in the energy sector from hydrocarbons, (represented by the orange colour), to cleaner energy, (in blue), through sustainability (in purple). The target is (green), renewable energy which is supported by innovation (shown in the darker blue colour).

The new tagline – Because we care – builds on the Nobel Family’s heritage, which underpins their focus on people, their safety and well-being, and ensuring sustainability through innovative solutions. It defines company’s attitude towards both business and environmental sustainability.

Note to editors

Over the past 16 years, Nobel Energy Group’s (part of NEQSOL Holding) integrated services business model have helped the company to optimise end-to-end service delivery and provide effective and efficient solutions to its customers. With this transformation, which is believed to make the company even stronger, Nobel Energy will continue to provide safe, agile and efficient solutions to all stakeholders. 

The Group’s comprehensive portfolio includes, but not limited to project and construction management; fabrication and installation of structural steelwork, upgrades of offshore facilities; pipe work systems including high pressure flow lines, vessels, tanks and related packages; field operations and equipment maintenance; integrated drilling and well services; integrated supply chain management.

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