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Training and development

Training and development of our people has remained one of our biggest priorities since the outset of the operations. We believe that quality training and professional development of employees is key to the success of our business. For this reason, we always focus our efforts on building the teams of qualified professionals and their well-being. 

Staff training is based on the annual training and development plans of Nobel Energy Group, as well as its subsidiaries. Depending on the nature of activity, each Group company develops an action plan to improve the capacity and capabilities of its employees. The development needs are arranged in the order of priority. Our main strategic partners in this area are training centers with a proven track record of leading education providers.

We also take advantage of the comprehensive and modern teaching techniques such as seminars, training programs, internship programs and distance learning programs at universities. Our annual human resources plan includes training and development of the necessary skills and competencies, as well as various programs aimed at attracting and developing young professionals. The training and development programs for our employees help us to maintain the required level of competitiveness and successfully address problems related to new areas of our activities.

We take the development of young people, potential future employees, seriously. With this aim, we are implementing a Paid Summer Internship program for young professionals during the summer holidays. The program aims to increase the practical knowledge of young professionals in various fields of our work, familiarize them with hands-on working conditions, test their theoretical knowledge, and enable them to obtain more detailed information about the quality of work at Nobel Energy. According to the terms of the program, students sign a temporary employment agreement for this period and are hired as specialists. Depending on the nature and place of their work, interns receive payment. Also, all the benefits applicable to Nobel Energy employees apply to interns as well.